You are my love, because

You are my favorite

You are the flutter

That makes me go crazy

I know my heart would have shattered

If you didn’t invade it

I love being around you

Feeling you

You make me smile a little wider

And make my happiness 

A whole lot brighter

Without a doubt

You held me down 

Even when we refused to talk with one another 

And held me up 

When I needed you to hold me

Just a little tighter

It’s amazing how you see the sunlight shining through me

And think I’m the greatest that could ever be

I’m thankful that you opened up to me 

And showed me parts and bits

Of your insightful yet misunderstood world

And how you listen and follow

While I give you an entire tour

Of my ups and downs

The green and the brown 

As I tear down the highlights

To see if you’ll still stick around 

I can see you there

When you give me a call

And feel your lips

When you blow me a kiss
I especially love how

The strokes of my hands 

Can put you to sleep

It makes me feel like

You love me

And I become so relieved to know 

When you’re thinking of me 

Can you see how beautiful this turned out to be?You gave me 

That Perfect Love

That Classy Love

That Ghetto Love

That kind of love I didn’t know existed 

That’s why you’re my favorite

So I hope you’re flattered


It’s My Heart you invaded

Written by: Lesley Hutchinson

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My DREAM As a Poet

When I was a little girl, I would make up songs with my toy piano keyboard. I still have those songs on the original paper. When I was in High School, I would write poetry for my friends and family daily. I had the first social media Wall. I would write poetry on the walls of my walk in closet to my bedroom. My friends would come in and sign on my wall too. I loved to write poetry but I also wanted to have money. We didn’t have the much money and I had always been an entrepreneur, but what could I do with my poetry. I was told the only poets were dead poets and artists were starving. I figured I had to get a job and a career in a different field. I put my dreams aside to provide for my family. Yet I still would sell cards with Sunshine original poems for $50 back in 1987. I tried to find a way to use my talent but I needed real money to live. 

I took all my poetry that I have saved over the years and turned them into my life story. Then I created a fiction novel using my poetry as the story line. Along the way, I was told to submit my poems to literary magazines so I can be discovered. I just couldn’t do it! I am not a poem in a magazine! I AM the magazine! I have never been a follower so why start now. 

I have created Arts of Poetry Magazine with the intent and purpose to find other poets and artist with a dream to reach their full potential. Through Arts of Poetry Magazine and our contests, I hope to provide scholarships to an Artist and Poet each year. Through out the year we will have contests for prizes and awards. 

I finally am doing what my heart has wanted to do all my life. Write Poetry and help someone else along the way to reach their full potential too.

Artist and Winner Jasmine Martinez 

What do you see in the meaning of this painting? I wonder if we all see the same thing or if each finds there own interpretation? As I look at this picture, I feel as if Arts of Poetry is the petal about to embark on the journey to the horizon beyond. The water indicates life and a beautiful journey. The delicate and yet beautiful petal is set free to fly on the wings of air. I felt a oneness with the painting. As if I could be that petal myself, as God Himself is setting me on my journey. All the petals before me are my many journeys that He has blessed me with and the success I have had along the way. Or maybe it’s all the friends and family that are actually on this journey with me, as I am  not alone. I am surrounded by beauty and love heading off to the horizon of my future. A future of peace and happiness. The journey is beautiful and the water shows it’s a cool ride.pe your paragraph here.

Following His Heart and Making His Dreams Come True

You walk into his Art Studio and are intrigued by his unique style and design. His art is a combination of mathematical surrealism with a realism twist. Looking at the painting you notice variations of angles that connect the laws of physics in life. 

So who is this artist and what brought his style to the canvas? His name is Gillermo Luna. Like most young men he decided to go to college and make a life for himself. His parents afforded him the best schools and he was attending La Sierra University in Riverside, CA to become a dentist. Science, physics, philosophy and math were just a few of the classes he focused on. He had to choose few elective classes. He decided that he would take some art classes. Once his mind opened up to the feel of art, he became intrigued. He even changed his major to Art. He was always crafty. He took some art classes in high school, but he never felt it was his niche. Now with the knowledge of math and science his talent took on a whole new meaning. He would go to art walks and fairs. He would go to art galleries and museums. The more he divulged into the world of art, the more he felt drawn in. He would go to school to learn about being a dentist, but then go home and spend hours painting in his room. At first, art was a hobby, but soon it became his passion. At one point, He needed to work to help with his family. He worked for an environmental company using his knowledge in science for environmental testing. He became so obsessed with his painting that he would go home for lunch just to paint. Sometimes he would get up very early in the morning to paint before work. His talent was growing at a remarkable speed and he knew this was where his passion and purpose in life was. 

He announced to his family he wanted to be an artist. He worked very hard to save money, so one day he could take his passion to the next level. He started a “Mobile Paint Party” business. He began to freelance murals for offices and schools. He freelanced various custom art work. He was on his way to reach his dreams, but the road was not going to be so easy. He was crafty with wood and paint so he designed his own easels for his Mobile Paint Parties. The construction was cheap and a bit flimsy. He continued to work on his design and then created a better easel and increased his Mobile Paint Parties. Venturing off into his own business as an artist was a lot more challenging than he thought, but he persevered. 

Gillermo was inspired by artist Vladimir Kush. He followed his work and visited his Gallery in Laguna Beach. He admired his style of surrealism. He thought this is how I see myself one day, having my own series of paintings in my own Gallery. 

He had been saving money for a while and started looking around for an art studio. He looked at several places. One day he found a location in Montclair. It was in a good location, the right size and the right price. He was a little nervous, but he thought, “Just Do It.” The inside of the building needed a lot of work, but he was up for the challenge. With lots of hard work and sweat labor, he turned the area into an inviting art studio with just the right ambience to bring the beauty of art into his customers lives. 

He opened Memo’s Canvas, sip and paint parties. His studio hosts parties for all ages and styles. His group parties are fun and anyone can come and discover the hidden artist inside. The classes are step by step making painting fun. He showcases his own art on the walls to inspire those who dare to interpret his work. 

Gillermo dreams to have an impact on the art world. His goal is to have surrealism with a realism twist in painting that inspire and the viewer’s thinking. With lots of mathematical and science he is looking to branch away from the main stay art to a deeper surreal realism.

Christmas Morning

I miss

                              my Christmas mornings

                              a giddy six-year old



                               it dissipates

                               with age

                               and days like this I


                               if the closest I’ll ever come

                               to knowing it again

                               just might be waking up next to


                                -eric devaughnn

(This poem appears in “The Beauty of Dragons”) Eric DeVaughnn, ig: @truethepoetic

The Beauty of Dragons https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999601849/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vBDBBbAPZRCSK

Aggressive: The Inherent Violence of My Beastly Unbecoming https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999601881/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_sxCFBbRRNJH10

Poetry Under the Stars

They came with their poetry, music, paintings and voice. We came with our hearts to be inspired. Our Open Mic Night Under the Stars was Awesome. There is incredible talent in the Inland Empire. We got enjoy music by singer Samuel Christopher & Sergio Mendez. The exhilarating voice of Karla Finlayson. Our poets on the Mic were Bendetta Perry, Eric Devaughnn, Lesley Hutchinson, Ann Hamer, Adrian and Denise Toro.  Our amazing artists Samuel Christopher, Alaina Mercado &  Jazmine Martinez displayed their art at our entrance.

The night couldn’t have happened, if not for the support of MOD Pizza. A Big Shout Out to them for opening up their venue for this event. Great Pizza and great fun. Shout our to friends, family and supporters of the Arts. It was a great time filled with music, poetry and culture. We look forward to have more events for the community and our Artists. 

A Big thank you to Arts of Poetry board members: Angelina Grigsby, Jeana Brashier, Maria Martinez, Ken McCollough and Denise Toro who spent time helping in the organizing and promoting this event. 

We plan to host more Open Mics and other events each quarter. If you would like partner with us to host events or participate in an upcoming event give us a call. Our goal is to create a communtiy of Art, Poetry, Music and Culture. There is so much beautiful talent out there and it’s your time to shine.

She Has A Dream

Just a 10 yr old little girl with dreams and talent. She draws just like her father did when he was a little boy. She draws like her Nana did when she was a little girl. She draws like her great Abuelita did  when she was a little girl. Talent passed down from generation to generation. None ever recieved credit or recognition or even acknowledgement for their incredible talent. Let’s shine the way for this little girl and so many others like her to reach the dreams she dreams about.

Arts of Poetry



She loved

She hurt

She cried

She laughed

She made mistakes

She raised children

She became distracted with life

She fell down

She got back up

She turned her dreams into Reality

She turned her failures into Victories

She answered the call of God on her life

Who is She?

She Is You and I!!!

by Bendetta Perry copyright 2017

Fragrance of the Spirit God’s Aroma Ministry


The confident woman demonstrates leadership, true beauty, and walks with God’s favor upon her life. She is very aware of who she is. Therefore she respects herself and everyone who she comes in contact with and does not throw away her confidence which will be richly rewarded.

The confident woman has no restraint in giving another woman a compliment for she is never in competition with another woman.  She encourages everyone male or female to become the best that God has called them to be.

The confident woman knows the giver of real love (God) and therefore she has no problem with giving or receiving love. She is a virtuous woman and a crown to her husband. 

The confident woman always speaks with words of wisdom and listens with a heart of genuine concern.  She has learned one of the greatest gifts that God has given to the human race is to care for one another.

The confident woman wholeheartedly trusts in every word of the living God.  She knows that God is not a man that he should lie to her. (Numbers 23:19)

The confident woman has learned many valuable lessons from her past.  She handles her present with wisdom and with grace she walks towards her future.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you, will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

 (Philippians 1:6) The Confident Woman is a First Class Lady.

by Bendetta Perry copyright 2017 Fragrance of the Spirit God’s Aroma Ministry