Arts of Poetry

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Denise has been writing poetry for over 35 years. Her first book of poetry, “And Yet I RISE” was self-published in July 2019. Her second book, “She Loved” was self-published in July 2020. Denise has 3 more books from her “Journey of Life Series” still to be published. 

In 2018 Denise founded Arts of Poetry. It is a subscribed magazine that is published quarterly and is now in it fourth year of publication. As a 501c3 nonprofit public corporation, its mission and purpose are to reach out and assist both beginning and established artists and poets to fulfill their dreams and passions by sharing their works with others. 

She is well known in the poetry and art community as a leader who not only shares her own poetry but helps others share their passions and work. Her vision and goal in life is to bring the beauty of the arts to the local community and the world. With the help of the internet this possibility has become a reality as can be seen in her Quarterly online and printed publication, “Arts of Poetry Magazine.” Through her connections she has helped over 300 artists and poets see their dreams become a reality in having their work published. Her vision to reach students and to encourage them to follow their dreams is her mission.

Recently, she was one of the judges for the Local NAACP ACT-SO AWARDS for 2021 in Monrovia, CA. Denise is also well known for her motivational videos “Moments with Sunshine” which she presents on her personal Facebook page and fan pages in which she has over 5000 followers who are encouraged by the videos and poetry she shares.

Denise is the author of :

And Yet I RISE  - 7/2019 

She Loved - 7/2020

Arts of Poetry Magazine - 10/2018 printed quarterly to present

Further authored work as Denise Palmer (previous married name) aka Denise Toro

A Christian Place Magazine, Publisher & Editor, Denise Palmer

Printed quarterly publication from 1998 to 2008

Thrifty Living Tips Passed Down and Around written by Denise Palmer
(No longer available as it was limited publishing 2004, 15000 copies given free to the community) via OCUP, (Ontario Community University Partnership) Claremont CA 2004)

Resource Guide for OCUP (Ontario Community University Partnership) 2002 - 15000 copies / 2004 updated reprint - 15000 copies reprint given free to the community) This was a collaborative collection of resources for the community in Housing, Medical and financial literacy. Denise Palmer was the Financial Literacy Coordinator and author of the resource guide.